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FEEDBACK → Please see below the important conclusions drawn from all the individuals who participated in ESTEEM, thanks to whom we have been able to develop our training tool.

Legislation A global search has been carried out on courses and legislation, concluding that:

  • Different legislation exists in the participating countries.
  • Certification that is valid at the European level and / or on other continents is lacking.
  • There are no defined timescales indicating when workers should refresh their training to ensure their knowledge and understanding is current.



Faced with the lack of certification valid at the European or intercontinental level that favours the mobility of people between countries, it is necessary for the legislator to develop a more inclusive certification system, that is valid at least among the EU member countries, which enables workers facing labour demands.

At ESTEEM we propose the following Certificate model. This certificate does not replace those legally established in each country.


Evaluation ESTEEM develops a methodology for evaluating the use of knowledge. A comprehensive evaluation to be carried out by the Trainer – Supervisor – Organisation, both of the knowledge acquired during the course and of its execution and implementation in the day-to-day development of their tasks in the workplace.